Recently Published Work and Recognition

Here are some of my most recently published poems and signs of recognition.

Father Mountain

Further Than It Looks May 2019
Bait Dog Indigo Dreams – For the Silent May 2019
Letter to my Mother-in-law ‡ Writer’s Cafe Issue 15 Letters March 2019
Black Witch ‡ Three Drops from a Cauldron : issue 25 February 2019
New Wine ‡ Bedford Writing Competition – Second Prize January 2019
Mystic Beach ‡ Writing Your Voice – As Above So Below December 2018
Babi Yar Revisited Nominated for the Pushcart Prize December 2018
Red Rebecca Poetry Book Society / Mslexia Women’s Poetry Competition – Second Prize December 2018

Babi Yar Revisited


Confluence Issue 8 November 2018
An Arabian Night Pendle War Poetry November 2018

Tormenta ‡

Water our Mother ‡

Will of Steel ‡

Writer’s Cafe Issue 13 Elements October 2018

Deadly Nightshade ‡

Horror History ‡

My Mother’s Scars ‡

Anti Heroin Chic September 2018 September 2018
Cupboard Lust ‡ Spilling Cocoa over Martin Amis September 2018

My Brother’s Face

Living the Bukowski Jive

Deadly Nightshade

Fight Nights

Can I Speak My Mind (West Yorkshire Mental Health) September 2018

In the Hoh ‡

Blossom Trees Dreaming ‡

Writer’s Cafe Issue 11 Into the Trees August 2018
Somewhere in the Netherlands, Summer 1956
Strix Issue 4 August 2018
Muse ‡ Writer’s Cafe Issue 10 Portraits July 2018
Arabesque Confluence Issue 6 April 2018
Clurabhig Sonata in a Minor Key Confluence Issue 5 December 2017
Widow’s Mite Songs for the Unsung (Grey Hen Press) November 2017
Leonard Cohen pays Jane Austen an Accidental Visit in Elysium ‡
Saveas Writers’ International Competition – Love and Freindship – Shortlist October 2017

The Sorries

I am a Field

Confluence Issue 4 June 2017

‡ indicates a poem available through a web site or magazine.