Recently Published Work and Recognition

Here are some of my most recently published poems and signs of recognition.

Cat Calming


Beaumont-Hamel Revisited

Flowers Were My Friends

Dancing Over the Rooftops

Confluence 12 February 2021


Reflected Light December 2020

Cat Sanctuary


Belong November 2020

Lost in the Labyrinth

Sisyphus Rocks

Whirlagust II October 2020
Double Period Maths Bloody Amazing September 2020
Midden ‡ Writer’s Cafe Issue 19 Can You Dig It? June 2020

Zucchini Chocolate Cake‡

My Father the Zookeeper‡

Hugging Henry Moore‡

Good Dadhood – Easter Special Edition April 2020

Well Wadded with Stupidity

An Insubstantial Universe March 2020

The Last Time I Got Hysterical in the Night

Witches, Warriors, Workers February 2020

Coming of Age ‡

Writer’s Cafe Issue 18 Fairy Tale November 2019

I Miss My Mum

Anti-Heroin Chic on Loss and Grief October 2019

No More Sanctuary (Jt. Second Prize)

Cat Sanctuary (shortlisted)

Boot Cupboard Black (shortlisted)

Hugging Henry Moore (especially valued)

The Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary Poetry Competition July 2019

Living the Bukowski Dream

We Are Beat, National Beat Poetry Festival Anthology July 2019

999 Tadpoles

Telling Toads June 2019

Father Mountain

Further Than It Looks May 2019
Bait Dog Indigo Dreams – For the Silent May 2019

Richard Dadd Haiku

Richard Dadd

Following Me About

Bloody Knife in Hand

Confluence Issue 9 March 2019
Letter to my Mother-in-law ‡ Writer’s Cafe Issue 15 Letters March 2019
Black Witch ‡ Three Drops from a Cauldron : issue 25 February 2019
New Wine ‡ Bedford Writing Competition – Second Prize January 2019
Mystic Beach ‡ Writing Your Voice – As Above So Below December 2018
Babi Yar Revisited Nominated for the Pushcart Prize December 2018
Red Rebecca Poetry Book Society / Mslexia Women’s Poetry Competition – Second Prize December 2018

Babi Yar Revisited


Confluence Issue 8 November 2018
An Arabian Night Pendle War Poetry November 2018

Tormenta ‡

Water our Mother ‡

Will of Steel ‡

Writer’s Cafe Issue 13 Elements October 2018

Deadly Nightshade ‡

Horror History ‡

My Mother’s Scars ‡

Anti Heroin Chic September 2018 September 2018
Cupboard Lust ‡ Spilling Cocoa over Martin Amis September 2018

My Brother’s Face

Living the Bukowski Jive

Deadly Nightshade

Fight Nights

Can I Speak My Mind (West Yorkshire Mental Health) September 2018

In the Hoh ‡

Blossom Trees Dreaming ‡

Writer’s Cafe Issue 11 Into the Trees August 2018
Somewhere in the Netherlands, Summer 1956
Strix Issue 4 August 2018
Muse ‡ Writer’s Cafe Issue 10 Portraits July 2018
Arabesque Confluence Issue 6 April 2018
Clurabhig Sonata in a Minor Key Confluence Issue 5 December 2017
Widow’s Mite Songs for the Unsung (Grey Hen Press) November 2017
Leonard Cohen pays Jane Austen an Accidental Visit in Elysium ‡
Saveas Writers’ International Competition – Love and Freindship – Shortlist October 2017

The Sorries

I am a Field

Confluence Issue 4 June 2017

‡ indicates a poem directly accessible through a web site or magazine.