Audio pages

The following are places where you can hear me read my poetry.


Cat Sanctuary†

York Refugee Week Poetry Festival May 2020
We Didn’t Talk about the War Mind the Gap – VE Day May 2020


The Blue Nib Inkpods April 2020

An hour of my poetry read by myself, Clair Meyrick and Barry Fentiman-Hall presented by Angela Dye

The Faversham Literary Festival April 2020

Krasnaya Lisa

The Blue Nib Episode 2 (20 Mins) December 2019
Crocheting on the Moon Mind the Gap – Journey(4 mins) June 2019
Dance Hall Star Mind the Gap – Stars(19 mins) May 2019
Me and My Parade Mind the Gap – Female (15 mins) March 2019

I am a field†


I Want to go There†

Red Rebecca†

Launch of I am a field 21 February 2019
New Wine Mind the Gap – Love Letters February 2019
I am a Field Mind the Gap Confluence – Poetry That Floats December 2018
A Christmas Carol Mind the Gap podcast on Dairylea and Whisky (31 minutes) December 2018
I Don’t Remember my Father Mind the Gap podcast on Memories (second poem) November 2018

† indicates link is to a video presentation.