A Selection of Older Publications

Aquafit Whatever the Sea (Scottish Poetry Library) September 2016
Is It the End of the World?
Running Before the Wind (Grey Hen Press) June 2013

Unfair to Snails

Ulan Bator

Preferring a Sow’s Ear to a Silk Purse

It’s All Wrong with Me

Get Me Out of Here (Grey Hen Press) April 2011
Old Lady Rap
Ode to my Legs
Cracking On (Grey Hen Press) October 2009
The Colour of Water Artemis 1 (Second Light) November 2008
Bonfire Night
Here’s Another Poem
A Twist of Malice (Grey Hen Press) August 2008
Here’s Another Poem Acumen 59, English Poetry on Trial? (Impress Books) September 2007
Charcoal Drawing Winner – Speakeasy Poetry Prize 2007
Wild Old Woman My Mother Threw Knives (Second Light) 2006

Declaration of Independence

Fish Supper

Village Woman

Foul Mouth

I am not a Girl

Snapshots from Saudi

Lavendar Pillows

Sugar and Spice

Open Wide

Snacks After Swimming (Freight, Glasgow University) 2006
Ulan Bator Wilderness (The Eildon Tree Anthology for the Borders Book festival) November 2005